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Information below:  JOIN MY SUBSCRIPTION PLAN AND GET MEGA BENEFITS: PRINTS, DRAWINGS FOR COMMISSIONS, 5 x 7 complimentary commission annually, free print quarterly, and discounts on paintings, frames and prints ………..WOW………….AND your subscription fee goes TOWARD YOUR PURCHASE OF A PAINTING WHENEVER YOU WANT TO USE IT……..NOTHING TO LOSE NOTHING TO LOSE NOTHING TO LOSE!!!  LINK AT BOTTOM through your paypal account.  Also be advised you can control your account and cancel at anytime on the paypal subscriptions page.  Any questions just ask!  Scroll down for lengthy discussion…I have lots of words in me!  

This is leading to something! This is a long description about subscriptions so I suggest you wait to read this when you’ve finished your tasks, aren’t in the middle of traffic and have some time to devote to it, BUT PLEASE DO READ! It’s an opportunity some of you may be interested in and it benefits us both.

LOTS OF BENEFITS….savings………discounts…………free drawings………… prints………………find out more!!


Being a self supporting artist is a never ending brain drain on how to continue to paint, be creative and to be able to live in an expensive America. I have successfully done it for 25 years with a special boost “send off” from the great economy of the 90s. I’ve benefitted from galleries selling at a minimum of 500 - 7000 all across the United States, trade shows, art publishers, retail stores like Pottery Barn and Ethan Allen, high end art festivals, ebay and basic newsletter sales. I’ve weathered through the dot com bust and the 2008 depression where I came pretty close to being in the foreclosure club. (I didn’t) I have invented my path as I go in this day and era of ever evolving technology with no formula to follow and no guarantees.

In 2004, the internet became a viable predictable, trustworthy means of selling from my home to your home. We Americans came to trust the internet with our credit cards and commerce. It’s a visual medium and the high resolution quality just got better and better! I love it. I am free to discourse, collaborate and best of all stay home most of the time with my entourage of pets, my somewhat successful garden and all of my kitchen gadgets. I can show you how the painting you like would look in your very own space with the effects of Photoshop and I can do a load of dishes, start the washing machine while spending two or three hours in the studio; take a nap, and go at it again.

For me, sitting, ruminating, starting something, etc has a great deal to do with non interruption, quiet and lack of pressure. Pressure is definitely good for some things; not so good for other things. Pressure is good for production, but falls short in maximizing creativity. I think I am committed to the internet and because the overhead is minimal I can pass on $$$ in savings to my buyers. The next century will have to decide the true value.


As many of you who are self employed or ever have been, you know it’s sometimes feast or famine. I lean on sales, credit cards and unfortunately fall into over the limit fees. In order to buy canvas, expensive professional oil paint and brushes, as well as pay the bills, I sometimes have to decide whether to BIG grocery shop or SMALL grocery shop, to take a trip or cancel a trip, to arrange payment plans with the electricity or other utilities or simply to decide whether to take a day off or NOT. Painting is expensive and paint is unbearably expensive not to mention brushes! I can’t tell you how many 35.00 insufficient funds fees I’ve had, only to have 3000 in sales come in the next day…timing is everything, but not a luxury I experience. I could probably live for 3 years if I could somehow recoup them. Ha….now I’ve told you my dirty secret.

I send out my newsletter twice a week, I put paintings up for sale on ebay and a few other sites. I deal directly with you through full access email. We share photos and stories. I left galleries 6 years ago because they were dying. The gallery owners were stuck having to get the high prices due to their overhead and also they didn’t have the ability to negotiate prices like I personally can. One year I made 10000 in a gallery and 100000 on ebay and the gallery owner insisted I quit ebay. I quit the gallery.

I also enjoy TREMENDOUSLY the personal relationships you and I have fostered with one another and it makes my heart swell with happiness when I reflect on exactly how many of my paintings each of you own. I VALUE these amazing cyber friendships tremendously. I’ve painted for you, for your friends, for your families and of your families. This is a sign of support I value tremendously. You have kept me going.


Some of you are collectors and have amassed a huge number of paintings and many of you are just starting out. Some of you have collections of the more developed paintings at higher prices and some of you have small economical paintings purchased during sales. Some of you scored a valuable highly developed painting at certain times when I needed cash. (Usually to go on a trip). Some of us went back and forth via email negotiating a perfect price…Perfect for you and perfect for me. Some of you enjoy the planning of your own paintings with your own subjects that you allow me to execute..

For those of you who own at least three paintings and have been on my newsletter mailing list of a minimum of one year, I am hashing out a new system that is beneficial to you and to me. It will be a personal decision you can make and you who qualify will have the choice of opting in to my personal artist’s club, very similar to password protected page which is not in the hierarchy of my website. In other words, it can only be found by you, a member, and accessed with a password. It will be unlike the sale page that currently exists. The sale page will be redesigned after one more week and perhaps be made a public page with the usual standard prices. It will be what it was intended to be; an overflow page to keep the newsletter from becoming too long.

HOWEVER I am going to invite my buyers who currently own 3 paintings or more of any size to join a different club of membership. I am going to post favorite paintings at a deep discount along with information about the paintings and my rumination about how I achieved the look, style or subject matter of the painting. I will post your comments and you will have the opportunity to share photos of where you have installed your collections (humble and grand!) These new paintings may be of many variations and sizess. They will include, figurative, landscapes, still life, impressionism, renaissance style, and abstractions. They will be paintings that I sometimes spend months on and sometimes paintings that I revisit and thereby make bolder and brighter and more unified. I will photograph steps along the way.

I am going to charge a fee for access that is like a savings account that will be applied to a painting when you buy one……In other words your monthly fee is going toward a painting that you can buy anytime. An example might be that you have accumulated 75.00 in your monthly membership fees at a rate of x per month and you see a painting for 12 x 16 for $275. You would then be charged only the difference between your $275 and the 75 in your account. It’s sort of a painless, effortless way to be an art collector paying on a blind layaway plan. You will have access to special paintings. It will be something you can redeem at anytime with a click in the event you see something you like or in the event that you need a gift for someone. It is money that you will redeem in original art or prints when you choose.

There will be benefits other than lower prices and better paintings! You can at any time use your monthly membership fee to purchase prints at 25% off. A 30.00 print will be 21.00 for you. Choose your preference after reading the benefits of each level HERE at MEMBERSHIP DETAILS …There is a link on the that page as well.