Sally Rosenbaum Fine Art

Original oil paintings

Sally Rosenbaum lives in the glorious Napa Valley, home of wines, fine dining, and horrible earthquakes.  Luckily her house is up to code so she has survived each and every one magnificently with only broken glass and spilt milk to clean up.  

Sally has a degree in fine art from UC Berkeley and a masters in education.  She has studied fine art, ceramics, sculpture and is fascinated with color harmonies and design. 

Join her list of collectors who individually often own between 4 and as many as 30 originals.  If you own more let us hear from you.

Sally began painting as a child but professionally began in 1993.  She  has published with Landmark calendars, Broderbund software, American Greetings, and is represented by publishers who provide retailers and hospitals, businesses and hotels with images for their decor and sale including Pottery Barn and Ethan Allen.

She has participated in many charitable events including the Napa Valley Vintners Wine auction where her painting "Summer Gazebo" was auctioned for $32.000 with the proceeds funding Napa Valley Healthcare


The act of writing with a pencil longhand is very satisfying and an ART I hope that will not be lost