Sally Rosenbaum Fine Art

Original oil paintings

There are three levels of subscriptions and all are always redeemable toward a painting

$25, $50, and $75.00 There will be a link at the bottom for you to choose after reading the benefits at each level.


Read about levels of all three membership savings accounts…always redeemable toward your painting Sign up button below takes you to your paypal page…….You have complete control over it.

$25 membership

access to all paintings at a significant discount in Tuesday and Saturday newsletter Example:

Tips on how to paint

large painting at ridiculous price available once every quarter for first person to scoop it up …..

book reviews and ruminations on famous artists

step by step analysis of select paintings

Links on my sources and tips on how to make a piece of art you can hang in your house

studio tips

ability to cancel at any time from your paypal account or with my help and redeem your account in a painting

shared photos from other members

platform for requesting subject matter to me (beaches, abstracts, barns, etc. including colors and sizes.

Personal HOW TO ADVICE just contact me with a question and I’ll do my best to give guidance

framing advice

frame resources wholesale prices on frames and painting arrives framed to you……..

certificate of authenticity

access to all prints on ebay for 20.00 instead of 30.00 copy and paste the one you want……….billing from your account.

Full time access to $25-50.00 gift paintings (6 x 8, 5 x 7 and smaller………..) on a special private access page

at all times your subscription investment is fully redeemable for a painting of your choice

$50 membership access to all paintings at a significant discount

All of the above and an 8 x 10 free High quality watercolor paper print of a recent painting mailed to you every 3 months…and once annually a free commission from a photo of your choice. .PERFECT for collecting and or gifting. (your 50.00 remains untouched unless you purchase a painting.

$75 membership access to all paintings at significant discount

All of the above AND every 12 months a FREE 5 x 7 OR 6 x 6 or 8 x 10 commission from a photo you send me….. OR choose from a collection on the GIFT PAGE.good for gifting or collecting. This is FREE………..not part of your savings account ALSO!!!!!

after a 6 month period you will be entered in a pool that is drawn every 8 months for a free 20 x 24 commission……from a photo……an 800 value for the winning person…( At the higher subscription rates there will be fewer members to your advantage) NO changes to the photo, however. I will send emails to you to keep you posted on when and how this will take place.

Option 1 : $25.00 USD - monthly

Option 2 : $50.00 USD - monthly

Option 3 : $75.00 USD - monthly