Sally Rosenbaum Fine Art

Original oil paintings


31 Vindel Lane
Napa, CA, 94558
United States

707 257 2830


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Please contact me about any of the paintings and about commissions and just to make a comment! Love to hear from you.

Commissions are negotiable. They range in price a great deal depending upon the amount of detail and the size.  I have done commissions for 300-5000

Some people think artists are magicians and can intuit poses and eyes and facial expressions but there must be a photgraphic reference for the image. I do not claim to be a portrait artist. I am more of a narrative artist, i.e. the painting tells a story. If you have  a photo that is of the narrative type with good lighting it may be perfect.  The end result is ALWAYS best if you have a high resolution photo. Please email me about any questions or concerns. I often respond back and forth many times before the paintng starts and I help you with your choices.  Ideally, you get your model(s) and pose the painting with props, sun and costume (clothes). I can't invent a hat or change the poses. That being said I would love to work with you!


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